Welcome to the photo gallery. Here's where you'll find fun pictures of Andi, her family, and her friends. You can also read the interesting story about the girl  who became a model for the cover of the Circle C Adventures series by accident. Jessica, the homeschooled daughter of my friend, never considered herself the modeling type. 

But one snapshot changed all that. It was a "Let's show the publisher what my Andi character looks like, so they can draw a nice cover" experiment. I took a couple of quick digital shots, never dreaming Kregel Publications would actually use one of the photographs for the first book, Long Ride Home. Jessica and I were surprised when we saw the cover of the ​book! But once Long Ride Home came out, we were in a race against time. Jessica was not getting any younger, and there was a good chance the publisher would want sequels to the first book. I made a Victorian dress (which Jessica hated), but she was a good sport and allowed a few shots for Andi's "forced lady mode." 
Gracie from clear across the U.S. was also included on the cover as Lin Mei, the little slave girl Andi rescues. 
Ryan modeled Cory, Andi's horse-racing friend, for the cover of The Trouble with Treasure. He is my son, and a good sport to help us out when we need characters. 
Jessica was pretty relieved when they chose a more western look for the second book, Dangerous Decision. However, they did use the Victorian dress picture for the cover of book 4,San Francisco Smugglers.
Evan is another boy who found himself on the cover of the book, Family Secret. He is Levi, Andi's unruly young nephew. "Dixie" is delighted to portray Patches, Levi's pinto pony on the ranch. 
Another photo session included the addition of Joy, who is thrilled to play the part of Andi's best friend Rosa for the cover of Book 6, Andrea Carter and the Price of Truth.
Being a "cover girl" has been an experience for Jessica and her entire family. She's been featured on the front page of her hometown newspaper, the Orting Gazette. Friends from as far away as Canada have said, "I saw your picture on a book at the store." Young readers who meet her come up and say, "I read your book!" It doesn't bother me that they think Jessica wrote the book. I'm just glad everybody's having a good time.

An article Jessica wrote, "Home School Cover Girl," appeared in Focus on the Family's Brio Magazine in July 2008. 
And where would Andi be without Taffy? Taffy has been played by two beautiful palominos: Rusty a few years ago, and now Star. Dixie (the pinto) and Star are owned by Vicki, who has as much fun as we do getting her cover horses ready for an afternoon of pictures.
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